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Connie has done a fabulous job working with my elderly parents! Each has their own aging body issues, and Connie quickly identified their needs and developed approaches that both relax them and loosens tight muscles! They enjoy her visits immensely.

Jill M.



Connie has massaged my mother monthly the past couple of years.  My mother needed more flexibility in her shoulder and increased circulation due to less activity. Connie addressed both of these issues and my mother is much more active today and always feels better following her massage. Besides being a professional massage therapist, Connie has a kind warm presence.

Mark C.

Connie was my massage therapist while I was being treated at [a local chiropractor] and she was wonderful. Connie always made sure to ask about specific areas of need or pain and treated those areas with extra attention. She is very thorough, professional, and passionate about helping people feel healthy. I would recommend Connie as a massage therapist to anyone, adult or youth, who needs the attention and procedures she can provide to gain better health and mobility. 

Karla Smith

Connie has been with Comfort Keepers for [5] years. From day one she has been one of the most compassionate caregivers to work for Comfort Keepers. Connie has always gone above and beyond to ensure our clients are living the best quality of life possible.

Sometimes this position can be physically challenging. Not only is Connie mentally prepared she is always ready for the physical demands that are brought on by some clients whether it’s a client that needs total physical assistance or just a helping hand.

Tracie Perkins, Client Care Coordinator, Comfort Keepers

It has been a privilege to work with Connie in her role as a CASA (Court Appointed Special  Advocate). She is a strong voice for children who had been abused and neglected. As a CASA, she gets to know the kids she serves so that she can advocate for their physical, emotional and educational needs.  Her compassion for kids drives her to work tirelessly until there is improvement in the lives of kids. 

Tim Taylor, Former Volunteer Coordinator, Vigo County CASA

I am pleased to recommend Connie McCammon as a gifted massage therapist. She was one of my best students and was very well liked by the other massage therapists in class. Students vied to get a turn with her. She immediately adapted to my teaching style, but never shied away from offering her own ideas and perspectives.

Connie is a compassionate and capable massage professional, who always has the best interests for her clients or massage partners. She is confident and has the talents of a long term gifted therapist.

Elizabeth Saulsberry, Owner and Instructor of Aquarian Age Alternatives, Professional School of Massage Therapy School

Connie and I have been close friends for over 10 years and I have felt the warmth of her heart on many occasions! She has the spirit of a healing presence and the gentle gift of compassion that transcends to those she touches. 

Irma Davis, MS, LMFT


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