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A natural fit

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hand and foot

Attribution: creative commons https://www.flickr.com/photos/sellyourseoul/

I remember when I first started school to become a massage therapist how in awe I was at the myriad ways my hands could be used as tools. I was also amazed at how not only my hands, but my forearms, elbows, and fingers (as well as a knee once in a while) could be used to massage a client.

As I gained more practical experience in massage, I began to see how natural massage was. It seemed to me that parts of our body just “fit” with other body parts. For example, make a fist with your hand and glide it down the sole of your foot. There’s a natural fit there. If you put your hands side-by-side with the palms down and with one thumb overlapping the other thumb you get a perfect fit over someone’s calf muscle. A loose fist naturally glides down the side of one’s neck to the tip of the shoulder.

There’s a reason massage has been around for centuries. It works! Will it solve every physical or mental issue? Absolutely not! But massage can be a natural fit for many people. If you would like to see if massage is a natural fit for you, please contact me by calling 812-264-5482 or emailing caringtouchmassage@yahoo.com. I look forward to hearing from you!


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